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Gym Classes

Our works for directed classes has the of MIX 32. That is a kind of technique for choreograpies. That is for preserve music in 32 beat blocks, drums, or hit... The songs sometimes have groups of 8.4 to 2 beats to make a change, for example, enter the melody, a base or a stop, which can be "out of position" a choreography based on 32 blocks 32 movements. What is sought in this type of mix is to cancel these "loss rate". Songs eliminating those extra bits are reissued. Normally the court is cloaked but in some specific topics (mostly sung or very melodic) cutting produces a "mild cacophony" with what it is not very pleasant to listen. For the composition of the song at the end of each block of 32 is usually a change or sound, or input / output melody, beat, silence, etc. .. so that it becomes easier to detect blocks of 32 .

W hen mixing the beginning of the first block of 32 of the new song with the end of block 32 of the song playing squares. (as shown in the figure) so that the mix is NON STOP without loss of sequences as would happen in a conventional mix of disco session.

This type of mix is ideal for aerobics classes STEP and choreographed from start to finish.