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  • My concern about computing and music led me to start mixing with two cassette tapes (some do not know it is) and a story I saw on TV the legendary magicians MAX MIX, Toni Peret and Jose Maria Castells. I was amazed as they did by cutting a ribbon and stick with zeal ... unthinkable folly in the digital world we live ... so I decided and started cutting cassette tapes home ... lol lol! Then he stole the turntable to my father, I installed a potentiometer to the motor to control the RPM (which is now the pitch of a Technics) ... Anyway, the months passed and met the necessary money for a table of 4 channels IEKEI and two AC ... dishes and started riding there .... I was happy in my house mixing discs and convinced that what sounded good ...

    That is, until one day my friend Jesus Gutierrez came home, I stuck a "campion" and said: "What are you doing" and I replied: "! Mix" ... That friend was the one who explained to me the basis of mixtures, groups and sequences having music as a mixture is made. The explanation did not last more than 30 min .... then told me ... wing! practicing ....

    And so I did. So much so that I started recording tapes and run them there. In less than I thought listened in cars stopped at traffic lights ...

    Hence, as I grew up and I changed the table, the famous Technics and a CD. Next was the computer ... there since it opened a world to incorporate "samples" in the mix, "loops", "intros" ...

    My professional life began with an ad in the newspaper where put DJ WANTED for Puerto Deportivo de Tarragona, that was towards the year 1994 ...

    I attended Thursday and they chose me. I started on Friday. I became the "captain" of a pub that was about to collapse and close. With enthusiasm, music and joy and togetherness team that was with my friend Sergi Ramirez rose to the highest this pub. Panty CD, sessions and even create my own with my computer Max Mix style Toni Peret and Jose Maria Castells.

    Participated the contest Top 40 Best (Cadena 40 Principales) DJ of Spain and comes to the selection of finalist Catalunya.

    I remember "I poked" in Mamajuana, Playa Azul, Dual, The Street, Boca Chica, La Nau, La Trova, Carpe Diem, Glu Glu, Garage, Pacha la Pineda, Coco Loco, Next, Atlantida, ... I do not remember all .... :-P

    When I left the world of the night I spent and still dedicate myself to making music for fitness, conventions, choreography, remastering, etc ... We start playing on live DJ events and do some DJing.

    I am a fan of theater sound and DTS system which has led me to remaster many topics and even create a Mix in 4 DVD movie soundtracks in Dolby Digital and DTS.

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    Through an ad in a local newspaper managed to present some evidence for a living in the province. After demonstrating his technique as DJ, got residency in the local pine called OXID. When others were clicking DJS American House, Salvaes style was characterized by highs, and the way they capture people with its mix of Trance and PSY. This combination along with a wide variety of more commercial, kept the full tracks and increased name Salvaes.

    Limite was the launch pad for 1993 Salvaes residence within the club Tarragona. Where he continued mixing Trance. It was at this club where Salvaes would record the first album fully mixed by him.

    It was in 1997 when it launched its success to a new project called DUAL in which marked a turning point in the club scene of the region with its characteristic style. Salvaes has played in Berlin, Toulouse, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Mexico and as his residence in Tarragona.

    Salvaes has shared his dj sets with countless renowned DJs, with which it has had collaborations productions.

    Currently done remixes and other works, all related to the world of electronic music.

    Currently working with the Pan Music record labels

  • Javi Level Banner

    Javi "Level", una leyenda de nuestro país. Algunos dirían que es un "dinosaurio" de la música, pero aunque si es cierto que este DJ lleva más años que los vinilos en el mundo de la noche. Tal como él mismo resume:

    javi level"My start in this world of music span since 1979. My entry into the night started from the core of my city, in Barcelona where I work in some of the trendy clubs in those years and in the beginning of the record label“Blanco y Negro”, time when it began importing music Spain and those not so far started first national productions. A middle of80 leave Barcelona to start a new life as resident DJ of the group “Long Play” then become the DJ of “Pacha” and “OH!” two of the most emblematic of rooms of final of the 80 in Tarragona, also doing sessions the most important rooms of this country ...

    In the 90 in addition to continuing as DJ begins two new projects manager and entrepreneur that are “LeveL and Disorder” this two projects was a reference on the 90 decade, mainly based on getting a good sound and approach a more edgy and innovative music.javi level cinta

    Today we continue making monthly meetings at many festivals and venues in our country."

    The Disco sound of Level 0 of Pineda (in Tarragona) It will keep ringing for ever and gets more than a party animal "new" old move skeleton with sound "revival" and "remember". No wonder that when you DJ capitalized any session in one room, is hailed as a King, and treated by the public as a "royal highness".

    Javi level 4

  • D-LortIsmael Lort, known as D-LORT.

    Born in 1987, is one of the young promises of the current panorama House with its full power and forcefulness sessions with the great ability to adapt and reach all audiences.

    It all started in 2000 at home doing their first House-Dance sessions for the legendary PC and Virtual Dj, after it evolved as a DJ and began to market their sessions between all their circle of friends. His awards fueled his dream to one day the top. Later got a Technics Mk2 and Stanton table and began recording sessions House, soon to get his first official gig at the Pilee room Reus getting residence, from there he could move on and obtain two cdj Pioneer 800 as in virtually any room was pricked to vinyl.

    In 2010 his friends registered to contest Flaix FM DJs held at BIG BEN, many djs were presented for was a challenge and yet eventually won the contest.

    Today was visitor of Pilee(Reus), Motel(Riudoms), Moloko(Reus), La Fabrica(Reus), Novoo(Reus), Blue Bahia(Salou), La Cage Terraza Pachito(Salou) Puerto Príncipe(Salou), Flash Back(Salou), Cachito(Salou), Soho(Salou), Morabito Beach(Salou), El Pub(Alcover), El Cel(Tgn), Sala Cosmik(La Pobla), F.P.(Andorra), Six(Mataro), Big Ben(Mollerusa), Carpes del Cel(Coma-Ruga), El Cel beach(Coma-ruga), Kalhua(Mora La Nova), Moonlightboat(Catamaran Cambrils), Prive Boat Party(Salou), Fiesta Flaix FM(Fornells de la Selva), Fiesta Flaix FM(Piera), Fiesta Flaix FM(Aiguaviva), Fiesta Flaix FM(Barcelona Extreme), Space Summer Salou…

    I've also been lucky enough to share a cabin with Sergi Domene, Miquel Fontova, Marsal Ventura, Jordi Veliz, Ernest Codina, Jose Franco, Gaby Cubero, DJ Marta, Dj Oxia, Javi Level, Ricardo F ...

    Currently I have been able to move forward in this world and already have a production team, I'm working and studying as a future producer.

    And I have great luck to be currently working in one of the most fashionable of the Costa Daurada, Salou Port Monkey Room.