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On Line Shop

All our works up to date

Sign in now to our on line shop and you can get all our products for a special price. For large orders check out our special discounts. And remember, if something is not in the store, we can do it!.


Our TOP Playlist

Do you want to listen the songs we like? our PLAYLIST will be updated with the very best and cured sellection of themes we use for inspiration in our lives.


Full Sessions

Do you want to hear the whole session for all issues and job changes before you buy? In this section you can pre-listen before buying. Quality is LOW, is only to be able to hear it, not for USE IT IN CLASS . The purchased one is a high quality version without cuts.


Why you should choose us?

Which is what makes us different?

We are a group DJ fashion, many years of experience in the world of music and the sector of the "party" makes us always "fresh", conectacos and the search for good music, good combined, mix pleasure not work. We love what we do and it shows in our work. We have come so far, more than 100 jobs to the world of targeted classes and hundreds of satisfied customers! You want to be one of them? What are you waiting? Bored with bland and undancables CDs for your classes?

What are you wainting for??? Thanks!.


In the field of gyms, the world of fitness Entertainment directed classes, we have a very long experience and already many teachers who trust us. We have created an extensive catalog of music sessions to run classes and Step, Aerobics, Fitness, Spinning, Indoor Cycling, outdoor Cycle, Gap, Body Pump, Cardio Boxing, Zumba, Tai Chi, Pilates , Yoga, Reiki, TRX, Kranking, Aerofit, Aerobox, Cardobox, Aerocicling, Cyclo-tone, Aquafit, Aquasalut, Aerodance, Belly Dance, Tribal Dance, Fusion, rhythmic Gymnastics, Exhibitions, Masterclass, Conventions, Espectáclulos, Demonstrations.

We offer the possibility to work as music and audio. Soundtrack for shows, custom music composition, audio montages for synchronize with choreography, dances, led classes, master class, exhibits, shows, dance, stage design. Share your project with us and we will do ours. We will make a dream a reality, professional and multi-format digital finishing. (MP3, Wav, AIFF, AC3, DTS, Dolby, CD Audio, youtube, facebook, twitter)



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